Our Approach to Care

For Residents

A very warm welcome to Marepi, your new home away from home. With more than 30 years of experience in elderly care, we are proud to open up the arms of our family to you. We are a family business ourselves, committed to making you feel safe and comfortable in the warm ambiance of our premises and the expert hands of our team. We have designed everything with you in mind and how to cater for your optimal clinical, psychological and daily life well-being. We have personalised our rooms with your individuality in mind, we have hired the most trustworthy nursing and medical staff for your 24/7 support and we are here, to make you belong, to make you feel valued, to make you feel loved.

For their Families

Family is sacred in Greek culture. Acknowledging this unbreakable bond, Marepi is here to embrace your precious people and give you the peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for them. We are the bridge between you and them; you give the love and appreciation and we give the safety, the comfort, the ongoing nursing and medical support they need to enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives, by your side. With a leading heritage in upscale, nursing services, Marepi has been trusted by countless families, like yours, sharing their concerns with us, and receiving our step-to-step guidance on care for their elderly members. We are here to make you too feel informed, to make you feel relieved, to make you reassured that your love is enough, and we can take care of the rest.

Marepi - in brief

Marepi is a leading, private, long-term elderly care facility in Piraeus, Greece. We offer residential, nursing & respite care services, since 1987, catering for all groups of third & fourth age customers, as well as residents of younger adult age with disabilities. Marepi functions primarily as a nursing home, providing skilled nursing care and medical supervision to residents with chronic conditions, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other elderly neuropathic, orthopaedic & psychiatric conditions. Marepi also functions as a recovery and independent living residence, accommodating seniors who are still physically and mentally capable of living autonomously, and providing them instead with the recreational, socialisation and companionship benefits of an aged care community.

We are a family business, currently run by our two co-founders Anna Tseva and Epistimi Sachitzi, with a patient-first, holistic approach to elderly care. Everything we do at Marepi revolves around our three core beliefs in: Trust – Comfort – Quality. Marepi is the place for you and your beloved ones if you seek the safety of a clinical environment with the convenience and hospitality akin to a boutique hotel. Here is how we combine the best of both worlds:

Skilled, Certified Nursing Staff

Medical Specialists on-site

Mental & physical empowerment sessions

Recently refurbished, boutique accommodation

Unparalleled hospitality facilities & dietary offering

Regular social events & recreational activities

Around the clock, High Quality


24/7 Nursing Services, complemented by daily visits of doctors and medical specialists in elderly conditions.

Mediterranean & Traditional Greek


Nutriciously balanced and rich in variety weekly dietary plan, made by approved dieticians, with potential of adjustment to residents individual preferences.

Mental & Psychological Wellbeing


Regular group physical exercise sessions & creative activities for healthy body, mind & soul!