Marepi - Who we are

Marepi has a proud heritage of providing upscale, quality aged care in Piraeus, Greece, for more than three decades. You might have landed here looking for a ‘nursing home’, an ‘elderly care home’ or an ‘aged care facility’. You might even have doubts if this is what you need for your beloved elderly people. Marepi is all that but most importantly, it’s a community, it’s a home, it’s a holistic environment of trust, comfort & quality, that makes us the family you choose for your aged care needs. We are a family business ourselves with one clear goal in mind: being the family where everyone belongs. Upscale accommodation and hospitality facilities, skilled nursing and medical teams, along with a holistic, patient-first approach to physical, mental & psychological elderly health are fundamental to Marepi’s commitment to our residents and their families.

We embody the ancient Greek proverb that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ (νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί.) Hence, our vision is to be the premier provider of elderly care services in Greece, catering for your holistic wellbeing, your body, mind, heart and soul. We strive for both our built environment, within our recently refurbished, boutique 5-storey facilities, and our intangible services to reflect and nourish all your residential, health and emotional security needs.

Here is what to expect from Life in Marepi:

Is Marepi right for you?

Types of Services


Long-term nursing care

Recovery & Short-term care

Palliative care & Hospice

Marepi can be officially classified as 

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing Facility

Continuous Care Retirement Community

Specialist Care Categories (Please ask us for anything else)


Old Age Conditions

Physical Disability


Parkinson’s Disease

Cancer Care

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy/Degeneration


Heart conditions

Cardiovascular disease

Visual Impairment (e.g Cataract)

Hearing Impairment

Respiratory & lung disease

Enlarged prostate

Orthopaedic conditions

Down Syndrome


Challenging Behaviour

Speech impairment


Adult Onset Diabetes



Kidney and bladder problems

Bladder control & constipation

Skin diseases



Other Chronic Conditions

Specialist Care Categories (Please ask us for anything else)

Third Age Seniors (autonomous & not)

Fourth Age Elders

Younger Adults with Disabilities

Elderly patients in recovery mode

Why choose Marepi?

We recognise that entering an aged care home is an incredibly personal and complex decision for both the residents and their caregivers. No size fits all when it comes to care. That is why we want to walk you through our approach to care and help you decide if Marepi is right for you.

When Marepi was founded, in the late 80s, the goal of our Founder, Anna Tseva, was plain & simple, heavily influenced by her deeply rooted experience in healthcare: flawless execution in clinical care. It was spot-on, meticulous, strictly-supervised medical and nursing expertise that differentiated Marepi, at the time. It was exactly this patient-driven approach that helped Marepi steadily grow and become an established brand in elderly care.

Thirty two years in the sector helped us craft our purpose, evolve over time, and pioneer in changing the face of elderly care across Greece. With time, we understood that clinical attention to detail is one side of the coin. The other being: comfort & personalisation. It was the next generation of Marepi owners, led by our Managing Director, Epistimi Sachitzi who brought this wind of change, adopting a more holistic approach to elderly care. Our focus shifted from simply clinical health to holistic well-being, incorporating in our offering all those parameters that can prolong and enhance elderly people’s lifespan: social events, community bonding, physical exercise, psychological & mental support groups and essentially every single aspect that can have a marginal but powerful impact on our residents’ quality of life.

Hence, the Marepi philosophy has come to amount to three pillars:




Trust is about the feeling. The confidence we want to inspire to our residents and family members.

Comfort is about the aesthetic. It is the functional but warm and beautifully designed environment we have built to resemble one’s unique ‘home’. It’s about the individuality of each and every resident.

Quality is about the essence. We love speaking to your feelings and hearing your awe when you see our premises. BUT. We want to instill everything with depth, constantly high, guaranteed quality in everything Marepi does: our doctors, our nurses, our food, our activities, our entire universe made to function for you.

Our Vision

For Our Residents

We strive to:

Set new benchmarks in the elderly care industry, across Greece, with our upscale quality residence & hospitality offering.

Provide flawless nursing & medical excellence, hiring only highly-skilled, certified, expert staff.

Set the highest standards in personalised care and patient-driven services.

Provide continuous, effective, competent, safe, compassionate and individualised care.

Respect the needs, culture, spirituality and integrity of every resident in our care.

Provide physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Respect, follow and concisely respond to the concerns and demands of our residents’ families/caregivers.

Provide the caregivers with sufficient, complete, continuous advice on their elders’ health condition and lifestyle at Marepi.

For Our Staff

We strive to:

Create an inclusive and fulfilling place to work.

Provide our staff with material and intangible safety and stability, so as to focus solely on delivering on their mission.

Supply our staff with all the necessary equipment to carry out their jobs with stellar professionalism and spotless execution.

Encourage and nourish team spirit & collective effort to deliver on our promises.

Empower our staff through continuous learning and development sessions.

Create an ongoing feedback loop on their performance.

Encourage career development & reward top-performance.

Respect, recognise and celebrate the diversity of our staff.

Encourage community sponsorship and involvement.