Clinical Healthcare

Medical Services

Excellence in Medical supervision is core at Marepi. In fact, the presence of expert Medical specialists is an element that strongly differentiates us from other long-term elderly care facilities in Greece. At Marepi, we are well aware of the fact that a ‘premium’ elderly care provider has to justify its excellence not simply on the grounds of hospitality and nursing but most important of all, in terms of tight medical supervision. Elderly residents and younger adults with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable groups, whose clinical condition might change at any moment. Proactively responding to these changes and emerging needs can only be done by highly skilled Medical Staff, ideally specialised in elderly conditions.


For that purpose, loyal to our undisputable beliefs on Trust & Quality, Marepi holds its own team of Doctors for the ongoing medical support of our residents. More precisely, our medical team comprises of a General Practitioner and a Pathologist, with decades-long experience in Geriatric conditions. These two specialists are responsible, on an ongoing basis, for the weekly medical monitoring and reporting of our residents’ health. When deemed necessary, we resort to our large network of Medical Specialists, who are contracted on an ad hoc basis to complement the medical advice needs of Marepi’s residents. In more detail, our Medical Services include, but are not restricted to the following:

Compiling each new resident’s medical folder, upon admission to Marepi, while extracting valuable input from their current caregivers/family members.

Reviewing their current medication and pre-existing medical advice.

Approving the medication plan that each resident will follow while being at Marepi. Ensuring that it is thoroughly understood and respected by our nursing staff, who is responsible to execute it.

Educating and supervising our nursing staff to detect changes in response to medication and reporting them accurately. Making adjustments, when necessary.

Establishing a constant feedback loop between our Doctors and nursing staff to proactively respond to any changes in our residents’ health status.

Providing appropriate intervention when necessary, either in-house, if it is considered safe, or providing alternative course of action, when needed.

Recommending which health incidents can be treated at Marepi and when it is necessary to arrange a formal hospital admission. Diligently & timely assessing the urgency of each incident, so as to save time and minimise potential risks.

Advicing each resident’s family members on additional medical check-ups needed. Specialist examinations are not available at Marepi but can be arranged in coordination with the resident’s family.

Collaborating with our network of external medical advisors and deciding in a joint course of action when necessary.

 Upon request, arranging a specialist medical visit at Marepi, at the expense of the resident’s entourage (such as physiotherapy, podiatry, optometry, dental, etc)

Nursing Services

Our Nursing Staff is the primary driving force behind Marepi’s success as a premier long-term elderly care provider. They lie at the heart of our organisation, each one marginally, but impactfully, contributing to our residents’ holistic wellbeing, on a 24/7 basis. They are our residents’ trusted caregiving partner, their daily companion, their go-to-person when in need. Whether it’s clinical assistance, emotional or mental support, our Nurses are at the forefront of what constitutes Trust, Comfort & Quality at Marepi.


For that purpose, our Nurses are meticulously selected to embody our philosophy that elderly care is not just a much-needed healthcare service but above and beyond all, it’s a social service. All our Nurses, without a single exception, have tertiary education qualifications and relevant certifications, non-negotiable requirements to work at Marepi (hence, we call them Certified Nurses). Given the exceptionally demanding nature of their daily job, we recruit Nursing Staff that has convinced us how effectively they are able to respond to any challenging and urgent situation. We have to see in their eyes that being hospitable and amicable comes effortlessly, and serving our residents is motivated by genuine affection and tenderness. At the same time, they have to be able to prove their resilience under a tight schedule, thorough supervision and often adverse conditions, that necessitate sharp judgment and prompt action.


At Marepi, you will find what we call Certified Nursing Staff with Geriatric or Gerontological expertise. In this respect, our staff is of course able to perform traditional nursing duties, yet they have acquired valuable, hands-on experience to better understand and cater for the special needs of elderly people and all the conditions associated with ageing. Excelling in this role necessitates among others being familiar and comfortable with elderly suffering from chronic conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and exhibiting disproportionately higher patience, empathy and compassion towards their special needs, than a traditional nurse. At Marepi, we highly value, admire and trust our Nursing Staff for their dedication to this type of demanding services, but we are always present to monitor and boost their effectiveness and productivity. Marepi is a multilayered organisation, needing a range of coordinated attempts to flawlessly operate. Our Geriatric, Certified Nurses are then seen as the execution branches of Marepi, indicatively performing the following:

Being responsible for our residents’ hygiene and assisting them in their daily needs (when necessary), such as bathing, using the bathroom, eating and dressing.

Measuring and recording their vital signs, such as their blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar level, etc.

Administering medications and closely following their effect on the elderly patients.

Watching for signs indicating change in one’s condition or worsening of the symptoms.

Executing regular or ad hoc medical orders and reporting back to our Doctors.

Transporting patients with restricted mobility to common living areas, doctor’s visits and other appointments, if necessary.

Helping residents with slight or larger difficulty, to walk and be reasonably active.

Promptly responding to residents’ requests, such as being taken to the balcony or common areas and calling their family members among others.

Communicating residents’ concerns and complaints to the direction.

Keeping daily, written, accurate and detailed patient records, throughout their shift and how they responded to previously given physicians’ recommendations.

Closely watching for changes in the mood and behaviour of our residents. Looking and interpreting that might indicate loss or weakening of one’s mental/cognitive and psychological/emotional well-being.

Detecting signs of verbal, psychological and other abuse of the elderly by their entourage visiting them, and reporting them to Direction to jointly coordinate a course of action.