Exercise and Third Age

The Benefits of Exercise in the Third Age

Improving neuromuscular coordination

Exercise makes an important contribution to improving the reaction time and balance. This has the effect of reducing fractures and falling many times can even lead to death.

Stabilize body weight

As time passes, metabolism is significantly reduced resulting in increase the fat percentage and decrease the fat muscle mass. Exercise in conjunction with good nutrition can stabilize it weight.

Improving cognitive function

We all know that we have to activate our brain by reading and with activities such as chess and games like crossword puzzles. However, exercise can significantly slows the incidence of dementia as less shrinkage has been observed of the brain to persons exercising systematically in relation to individuals who did sedentary life.

Improving psychology

Depression, melancholy, and sadness loneliness feelings are presented in large proportion in elderly people. Exercising can greatly improve these symptoms. It can give them confident because they manage to be independent, can give them new ones experiences and of course they can also give them many friends which is very important.